Nghe An


The holy Bach Ma Temple

Located in Tan Ha hamlet, Thanh Chuong district, the Bach Ma (White Horse) Temple is considered as one of the holiest temples in Nghe An. Together with Con Temple, Qua Temple, and Chieu Trung Temple, it contributes greatly to the religious life of the people in this region. Bach Ma Temple was built to dedicate […]

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cua lo

Cua Lo Beach

Location Situated in Nghe An Province, Cua Lo Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in the northern region of Vietnam. Just 18km away from the center of Vinh city, Cua Lo Beach is the magnet for almost all domestic tourists from both north and center of the country. This 10km long beach is famous […]

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Ngôi nhà quê nội - nơi Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh đã sống cùng gia đình (làng Sen, xã Kim Liên, huyện Nam Đàn, tỉnh Nghệ An)

Sen Village (Kim Lien Village)

Location Sen village is located at Kim Lien Town, Nam Dan which is about 20km from Vinh City, Nghe An. From the outer sight, the place is almost identical with any village in rural area of Vietnam, but which makes it become famous is that it is the motherland of the greatest leader in modern […]

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