Temple of Kings Hung

Temple of Kings Hung

Temple of Kings Hung

The Hung Kings Temple (Den Hung) is a complex of temples first built in the 10th century A.D on the Nghia Linh Mountains, 10km from Viet Tri City (of Phu Tho Province) and 90km from Hanoi. Much of the complex nowadays was constructed in the 15th century. The Temple is dedicated to Hung Kings (Vua Hung), the Founder Kings of Van Lang ,  the first Vietnamese-identity kingdom dated back to 2879 B.C.

The area of Hung Kings Temple now was in the territory of Phong Chau, the capital city of Van Lang Kingdom. That time, the Hung Kings already built the Kinh Thien Palace to worship the King of Heaven on top of the Nghia Linh Mountain (which is Den Thuong Temple now).

Visit the Hung Kings Temple, we’ll travel through the gate and hike up the steep steps which lead to Den Ha (the Lower Temple). Den Ha is said to have been the place where Mother Au Co gave birth to the bag of a hundred eggs which later turned into one hundred sons.


Next to Den Ha is Thien Quang Buddhist Pagoda which was built later (archeological artifacts suggest the pagoda was built around the 15th century). In front of the pagoda is the Tam Quan Gate and the Bell Tower from the 17th century.

Passing through the Thien Quang Pagoda, you then hike through the dense forest to Den Trung (the Middle Temple). Den Trung was said to be the place where Hung Kings and his courtiers (Lac Hau and Lac Tuong) attended meetings of the royal court.

Climbing up the steps to the top of Nghia Linh Mountain, you’ll come to Den Thuong (The Upper Temple) where Hung Kings and the Royal Court worshiped the King of Heaven and other Gods wishing the Kingdom to be granted with clement weather for bumper crops.

Descending the mountain from Den Thuong via the exit steps, you’ll come to the Mausoleum of one of Hung King (believed to be the tomb of the 6th King of the Hung Family) and the Ancient Water Well which is said to have been the place where Mother Au Co bathed her sons. At the foot of the Nghia Linh Mountain, you’ll see Den Gieng with its lake used as a dressing mirror for the two Princesses of the 18th King.

The Festival of Hung Kings Temple (Hoi Den Hung) is on the 10th of the third lunar month, but normally the ceremonies take place for a few days. The Festival of Hung Kings Temple is also a National Holiday in Vietnam.